Volunteering at
Remnant Life Church

Do you have a desire to serve God?

Here is a list of volunteer opportunities available:

Children's Ministry Workers-


If you have a heart to serve God and you feel drawn to teach or help with children, then we have just the place for you!

The children at RLC are one of God's greatest gifts to us and we feel blessed and

honored to be a small part of molding their lives spiritually. If you are interested in participating

in this worthwhile ministry, please see Katerina Di Raddo or contact her at katerina@remnantlifechurch.org

Please note that any person participating in this ministry must pass a criminal background check.


We have a need for gifted musicians to join our worship team.
If you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry, please see
our Worship Leader, Dave Nicola or Pastor Dave Di Raddo.


Singers- If the Lord has blessed you with the gift of song,
we are looking for you! If interested in becoming a part of the worship team,
please see our Worship Leader, Dave Nicola.

We wish to thank those who have volunteered their beautiful voices during our services!


How do I become a 'Seven'?

The work of the church is not left solely up to the pastor or his wife or a select few.  It is for everyone who has a heart to serve.  Many churches refer to these people in their church as deacons or helpers.  At Remnant Life they are The Sevens.

In Acts the 6th chapter we read the story of the growing church and how some people’s needs were being overlooked because the Disciples were so busy.  They realized that in order for them to continue in study and prayer as they prepared to teach they needed help.  They appointed seven men to do the work of the ministering to the people and everyone was happy and had their needs met.

Today, anyone who would like to help with the tasks that need to be done each week are invited to become a Seven. Every Sunday there are many things that need to be done in order for each service to run smoothly. 
Equipment needs to be set up before and taken down after each service.  We want to greet each person
who enters the room and then greet them again when they are inside. 

As we grow there will be more that needs to be done and the Sevens will grow in number as well.  We also don’t want anyone to feel trapped into serving every Sunday. Our desire is to have rotating teams of Sevens who will not only minister to others but ministered to as well.
If you would like more information on how to become a Seven please write us at contact@remnantlifechurch.org or speak with any of the current Sevens who you will find smiling and wearing a name badge every Sunday.


If you feel God prompting you to become a volunteer or are interested in helping to support
Remnant Life Church financially, please email us at