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A letter from the team:


Thank you to all the members of the RLC church family!  We were able to contribute $215 to Pastor Scott and the CORE Ministries toward the purchase of an additional tent for use in their Saturday morning outreach in downtown Harrisburg.  Thank you!

We have been notified by the Brethren Housing Association (BHA), of a need to furnish a 3 bedroom apartment for a mom and her children.   

We do not have details on the family itself and we are waiting to hear what furniture is needed.  In the meantime, if anyone is interested in assisting with filling the pantry for the family, we would love for you to participate with us.  As these families come into the home with nothing or very little, the apartment must be furnished with all necessities, and a whole lot of love.  

We do not have a specific sign up list, so think in terms of a meal that you would prepare.  If that is spaghetti, provide the pasta, sauce and parmesan cheese, or think about kid-friendly meal and snack items such as boxed mac and cheese, noodles, cereal, and fruit roll ups, pretzels or similar items.  Also paper goods, hand soap and personal care items, as well as kitchen staples like salt and pepper, sugar, coffee, and plastic wrap/ storage solutions

We can also provide items for a "welcome basket".  Think about those everyday things you use that we all take for granted like a pen and paper or pair of scissors, batteries, envelopes, paper clips, scotch tape, a journal, markers, and toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Additionally, some basic tools, like a hammer, screwdriver and pliers, or a picture/wall hanging kit.  Jen, our contact, also likes to put a Visa gift card in the welcome basket. 

We are not asking any one person to provide everything, however if we all bring in 2 items, we can provide a well stocked pantry for them to get started.  

As always, if you want to contribute, and would prefer not to or are unable to do the shopping, you can provide cash or gift cards to Giant or Weis and Christy Beane or I, Roxanne Crawford, will do the shopping. 

Items are due back in church on

Sunday, August 2nd
, and you can bring it

either Sunday leading up to 8/2.  If you are

unable to bring it to church, please reach

out to Vance and Roxanne or Jeff and Christy

to meet up.  We are both in the directory. 

Thank you, 
The Serving Hands Team